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Translucent Practice Sheet

Our translucent sheet will help with retaining your brow shape, resembles real skin, and requires you to stretch the sheet to properly apply your strokes or shading. This will give you real-life expectations of a 1st and 2nd pass!


You can also use the translucent sheet to practice your Lip Blush or shading application.


It is crucial to make sure your strokes hug and touch your brow outline. Hugging the framework of your brow shape will guarantee that you will retain the shape.

By applying a stencil under our translucent practice sheet, will eliminate the process of having to draw on brow shapes allowing you to focus solely on stroke application and maintaining your brow shape!



Standard practice sheets usually have great retention after one pass, which sounds amazing. However, this does not resemble how the first pass will look like on real skin. Our translucent sheets will show you how an actual first pass will appear onto the surface of the skin. applications on our translucent sheets will help you prepare appropriately on what to expect after your 1st pass application. 


Once you have perfected the 1st pass, you will then practice on the 2nd pass application and experience the process of how to find and apply the blade into the strokes precisely. 


After your 2nd pass application, you will be able to justify immediately if your application was evenly applied. This will eliminate the trial and error on a live procedure and help you achieve great retention!



Every individual will have a different skin type, therefore it will feel different to work on. To achieve the same results per client, you need to be able to know how to adjust your application accordingly to skin type.


Our translucent sheets are a perfect example of how tough the skin will potentially feel like during your application. Skin types that may feel tough would be skin with large pores, oily or mature skin.

Translucent Practice Sheet


    • Can practice Microblading, Microshading, Lip Blush, Ombre
    • Comes individually
    • Must be used with pigment

    All products are final sale due to sanitary reasons


    Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will begin processing the following Business Day.


    Standard Domestic Shipping:  Expected 3-5 Business Days for arrival after processed

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