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This Silicone Lip skin is the closest you can get to feeling realistic  Lip Blush applications.  There are teeth to resemble a real Lip Blush appointment where you can practice hand placement and stretching.


Benefits of practicing with the Lip Silicone

  • Practice Lip Mapping and Shaping
  • Strengthen your application and hand placements. This is the perfect option to polish all your Lip Blushing skills.
  • See how deep you are penetrating into the lips
  • See how even your application is
  • See how well you are blending your saturation 
  • Testing new machines and cartridges
  • Can be stuck on wall or glass


These practice skins will allow artists to feel the intradermal movements through the needle's vibration like you would with real skin! The soft-textured silicon can also be stretched just as human skin would be while performing a procedure!

So no more guessing see how the pigment is implanted into the skin 



Lip Silicone with Teeth

  • MATERIAL: Made of the highest quality medical-grade silicone

    Comes Individually

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