• New Inga Babitskaya For Lips Colors by Perma Blend


  • All shades are easily applied to the skin. Suitable for powdery, pixel and boundary application techniques. These contain all the necessary stabilizers and color correctors. They do not acquire unaesthetic hues in the process of skin regeneration and center stabilization, as well as with the course of time. Quickly applied to the skin. Persistent. The balance after stabilization is at least 80%.
  • Creamy Coral - 15 mL Bottle
  • Soft warm shade. Refreshes the face, lights the skin color. Makes teeth visually whiter.

Perma Blend Inga- Creamy Coral

    • Color: Creamy Coral
    • Size: 1/2oz 
    • Designed specifically for lip tattooing
    • CPNP registered and EU-compliant 
    • Certified as a vegan-friendly product 
    • Sterilized and for professional use only 
    • Manufactured in the USA by Perma Blend 
    • Price per one bottle 
    • Ingredients: Pigment, water, glycerin, witch hazel extract, isopropyl, benzyl alcohol, rosin